Thursday, April 7, 2011


Guess what~ everyone was wrong! The request for wraparound service was denied by insurance. Now we must wait for a letter to come in the mail explaining why, and then appeal it. I am beyond frustrated at this point. At first it was are 3 hoops you need to jump through...then oooh here are 10 more to jump through and then you will finally get there... now that i've jumped through all of them, i have hit a big brick wall. I have had about 30 phone conversations, been to 3 dr appointments, and I don't even know how many meetings, just to get to this point & be denied. I'm frustrated, i'm exhausted... but I WILL NOT GIVE UP. (& I am sure that what they're hoping that I do) I will never give up on a battle that is worth winning, never, ever, ever.

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