Thursday, April 14, 2011

4/14 update

I got the letter we have been waiting on. It turns out that wraparound services weren't completely denied, they just weren't approved as requested. Its quite confusing to explain, but basically they approved everything that we want now, but June 9th they want to make a drastic reduction in the amount of hours/week he will get in the daycare setting. I talked to the lady from the place that will be providing the services, and she said that we can go ahead and get started and worry about filing an appeal for the loss in hours another time.. or just wait and see how it goes. So good news is... we should have a TSS in the daycare with him next week!
Today Caleb has pooped and peed on the floor... He will take his pants and diaper off and start to go. He has been in footed-sleepers pretty regularly because he takes his clothes off. I am starting to notice a pattern that he pulls on his diaper or takes it off when he has to GO. So as much as I didn't think he was ready to potty train yet, I am starting to think we should give it a try. I should buy him a different potty because the one we have has a detachable pee shield and he will not leave it on. I am thinking the baby bjorn potty because it has a better design(for boys) than our elmo one.
Caleb is picking up new words daily, and there are so many that I cannot even think of them all. This is great progress! He loves labeling things, shapes, numbers, and letters. The problem now is that he is still lacking functional language. He can tell you what almost anything is, he just isn't using functional words yet.
This morning he has OT and Speech. He is taking a nap right now and I am going to have to wake him soon for Early Head Start at 2. Tonight when Grandpa gets off of work, we are going to Playthings, Etc. It is a huge toy store.

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