Sunday, December 28, 2008

Caleb will be 3 months old tomorrow!!
I cannot believe how fast time is going, and how much he has grown. I am really looking forward to him learning new things, like sitting up on his own,eating foods, crawling, talking, walking... But at the same time... I kinda wish he could stay this little forever. I love my son so much. I think he is amazing in every way. He has the cutest little hands n feet. I love all his different facial expressions(even his mad face is cute as heck). I love how he tries so hard to communicate with me even though he can't say words yet. (I could go on forever..)
You really don't know the power of love until you become a mommy.

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Friday, December 26, 2008

Baby's 1st Christmas!

Caleb's 1st Christmas!!!

Caleb got a lot of clothes(sleepers, thermal shirts, camo overalls, and more), diapers, a vtech talking bee, a wobble talking penguin, a duck water playmat, rainforest playmat, a remote control pig, a mirror that can sit on the floor or hang on the crib, a teether, sippie cup, a tigger stuffed animal, a blanket, and more.. I can't remember it all.
He really likes his tigger, mirror, and playmats!
I cannot wait until next Christmas, he will be able to enjoy it much more.

Here are some pictures from The days leading up to Christmas & Christmas Day

Thursday, December 11, 2008

(2 1/2 months old)Things are going great here! I took Caleb to get his Christmas pictures taken yesterday. He did well for the 1st couple of pictures but after that he just cried until I picked him up. So The photographer convinced me to have a couple pictures taken while holding him(I wasn't prepared for it, but luckily I wore red). I haven't had any professional pictures taken with him so I'm happy that it worked out how it did. I was going to take him to santa in the mall to get his picture taken but their prices are outrageous! I think it was 13$ for 1 picture. We have a couple of Christmas parties to go to soon and I'm sure Santa will be there and we can take pictures ourselves. Caleb has slept 10-7 and 8-10 for about the past week. I couldn't be more thankful. I'm so glad that a sleep schedule is finally erupting(and a good one at that). I know I can't count of it lasting too long, buts its nice while it does last. I am excited for Caleb's 1st Christmas but... I know next years Christmas will be SO MUCH more fun when he can open things himself. Caleb is such a joy. He tries to talk to me, giggles and smiles so much. He really smiles n giggles in the mornings. That must be his favorite time of day. He is really focused and zeros in on this way more closely now. Everyone has always told me he is very alert for being so young. He loves to know what is going on around him.

Here are some of the Christmas pictures: