Monday, March 31, 2008

My 14 week appointment went well. I got to hear the babys heartbeat, she said it was in the 150's. She said I'm in the 2nd trimester and after hearing the heartbeat that means theres almost no chance of miscarriage (yayy)I also got a prescrip of Fioricet for my migraines. I've been getting some horrible ones lately. I hope this helps.

Friday, March 28, 2008

I don't know if I've been depressed but I've sure been more pessimistic then usual. I've had worrys and bad thoughts about everything. When I first got a positive hpt I thought the test must be lying to me, so we bought several more. Once they were all positive too I thought that cysts cause false positives so that must be the case(i read that in a pamphlet in the preg test box) Then I went to have my blood test and confirm it. I was thinking it might just be a blighted ovum or tubal pregnancy. Had an u/s at 5-6wks and confirmed it was in the right place, but i was worried that the heartbeat(106bpm) was way too slow and that something was wrong. I have been horrible about this whole thing. I know worrying is bad but that is all I have done. I'm always tryin to think positive but I end up thinking the worst. An example: I found some nice maternity clothes for summer for very cheap from the 2nd hand store. I had to justify buying them so soon by tellin myself that i can always donate them back or sell them on ebay if something happens to my baby.I keep telling myself that my appointment monday(3/31) is going to be my turning point. As long as everything is looking good then I should STOP worrying because I'll be 14wks and the risks should be minimal. Lets just hope I can stick to my word and stop being such a pessimistic worry wart.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

sickness was back for 2 days, i think it was a combination of work and nightshift that triggered it. I hope its gone again..

Friday, March 21, 2008

I have had a few dreams about the baby. Its been a baby boy in all of them. Although my mother has dreamt that it is a girl. We shall see within a month or 2.
I had my last appointment on March 3rd. It was really uneventful. All the midwife did was ask me a bunch of questions and ask me if i had any questions or concerns. I didn't get an exam or get to listen to the heartbeat(as i had hoped)I went thru a tough few weeks when I was really feeling bad. I was being so negative about everything and so fearful that something bad had happened to my baby. I waited forever for that appointment just to get some peace of mind... (NOTHING) She said we would get to listen for the heartbeat at my next appointment. ((WHICH IS MARCH 31ST))So as impatient as I am, I went ahead and bought a fetal doppler off of ebay. I recieved it on 3/15 and found the heartbeat right away. Loud, Strong, and steady at 165BMP. It was beautiful. I recorded a sound clip of it onto my cell phone.I am so thankful I recorded that because I have not been able to find a steady reading since. I think its because my baby has been moving around too much when I try to listen to it. I get readings anywhere from 145 to 170. So needless to say, I'm still anxious for my next OB appointment.I haven't been getting sick for well over a month now. All together I haven't had many bouts of sickness. Maybe 6-8times total, but constant nausea somedays. Its been all better since 8weeks. I have been getting headaches and dizzy spells alot. I now carry a bottle of cold water with me everywhere(That seems to help when I'm out shopping and startin to feel a lil dizzy)I hope to have more to update in 10days after my 14week appointment. =)