Thursday, February 19, 2009

Grammy and Pappy got Caleb a new high chair. Its his new favorite place(besides his jumperoo of course). He likes playing while sitting in it. He is really catching on to the spoon feeding and seems to enjoy it.

Caleb lovesss chewing on his toes! He sticks them in his mouth every chance he gets. Sometimes he even bites ahold of his sock and pulls it off.

I have captured some pictures of Caleb's 1st 2 chompers! (Its very hard to get a picture of them because he always sticks his tongue out.)

Uncle Dave came to visit before his trip to China and boy did Caleb put on quite the show! He jumped and entertained us in his Jumperoo until he couldn't jump anymore! He wore himself out!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Caleb is growing so fast! He is already in size 3diapers and some 12month clothes. He is 16lb 12oz and 27inches long. His doctor says he is in the 95th percentile.

He's getting his 2nd tooth now. I thought teething would be fussy time...but he isn't extra fussy. He loves to chew on everything, toys, blankets, his fists, his stuffed animals.He is eating rice cereal and stage1 babyfoods now.

He doesn't do too bad with the cereal but he prefers baby food.. like squash, carrots, or applesauce. He goes crazy in his jumperoo, he loves it! He loves bathtime and splashing Mommy! He loves to be picked up in the air, he cracks up laughing. He is just so much fun! ♥

New Shades!


Thursday, February 5, 2009

1st tooth!

1st tooth is on its way! It broke thru the surface today. I got a picture. Its tough to see but if if you look closely you can see it.

He is starting to get the hang of holding his bottle. He cannot do it for very long yet but he is trying.

He loves bathtime! He is starting to splash around in his tub and he gives Mommy a bath!

Some other pictures of Caleb:

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

4months and 5days old!

Caleb is now 4 months old!

He is starting to teethe. He is not very fussy but he has been drooling a lot. I can feel the tooth about ready to break thru on his bottom right. Its sharp,hard and right below the surface.

Caleb watched the Steelers win their 6th superbowl on Sunday! Yay Steelers! He loves watching TV. He just stares at it in amazement almost like he knows what is going on.

We go to the doctors on Monday. I'm ready to see what he measures and weighs.