Thursday, July 24, 2008

Its been awhile so I figured I better get on here and update. I failed my 1 hour Glucose Tolerance test so I had to go back in for the 3 hour one. I did not end up completing it because I got sick and they sent me down to the Emergency Room. I had a lot of tests done and got some IV fluids. I don't know what the doctor is going to decide to do to test me for Gest. Diabetes since I can't do the 3hour GTT. I will call on Monday and see what they say..I've been at a stand still with getting things ready for the baby. There is not much more I can do or buy until I see what I end up with after my Baby Shower. The shower is August 10th, I'm really looking forward to it. My goal is to have everything ready for the baby by the end of August so I can just relax the last few weeks. I found the cutest camo diaper bag on walmarts website. I HAVE to get it. They do not sell it in stores so I couldn't go get it. I added it to my registry and if I don't get it at my shower I will def be ordering it! Its adorable! I think I have the baby's outfit picked out for his 1st picture. I pick it up all the time to just look at it and can't wait to see my baby boy in it! I am planning to breastfeed, so am trying to gather as much information about it as I can. I want to be prepared. I also do not want to invest too much money into nursingwear/gear just in case breastfeeding does not work out for me. I just want to have the bare essentials and see how it works out before I buy too much. Okk.. enough rambling for today.9weeks left!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

2 months and 23 days until my lil boy is due.I can't even begin to describe how anxious I am to meet him. I'm so excited about having a family. "Baby Boy" has been an acrobat in my belly the past couple of days. He woke me up and kept me awake for a few hours in the middle of the night last night but I'm not gonna complain. Physically I've been more exhausted lately but feeling pretty decent. I get dizzy spells and feelings of breathlessness sometimes. I don't know what causes it, I'm guessing its the babys position. My belly button has gotten really shallow. I wonder if its going to pop out? I've been a major "innie" my whole life, so it'll be interesting to see if it pops out.I should be getting the crib/dresser/changing table this month and will finally be able to put his nursery together. I'm pretty excited to get that all set up =)We have not yet announced the babies name but I think i'm going to announce it at my baby shower. To you few people who already know the name... consider yourself special haha