Friday, May 6, 2011

It has been awhile, things have been hectic lately. I had my wisdom teeth removed Friday, and have had a headache almost every day since. It is finals week, and we had a ton of appointments crammed into this week so that everything is taken care of before starting my externship on Monday.

[This afternoon is the grievance meeting to appeal the insurance's decision to not approve all the TSS hours we requested for at daycare]

Tuesday Caleb had his first appointment at CHoP, Autism Center(Also a part of the Autism Treatment Network). It was a very long appointment, we were there for about 4 hours. He was seen by a psychologist, developmental pediatrician/neurologist, and students who helped with the forms, questions and evaluations. He had blood taken(from both arms,poor guy). They were really helpful there. The following day, I got a phone call from the psychologist that he met criteria for Autism, which means that his diagnosis changed from PDD,NOS to Autism. Bloodwork results should be back in 3 weeks. He got a referal to a developmental opthamalogist, and I was recommended to a dentist for him(I was looking for a new one for him, so I asked)

Yesterday morning I was impressed. Caleb wanted a drink and I told him to get me his cup;he did. He took his sock off, and we were getting ready to leave so I told him to bring me his sock;he did(and then he sat down for me to put it on him.) Then as we were ready to walk out the door I asked him to go turn the tv off;he did. This is AMAZING! He not only followed through with my request, but followed through with 3 in a row!

He has been singing "B-I-B" a lot, he is trying to sing a Bible song that they sing at daycare, that spells out the word Bible. He randomly counts to 10 (replacing 4 with the word "ref" which we still can't figure out) He sings his ABC's up to letter E, and random stretches of letters for the remainder of the alphabet. He can recognize and label about 20 letters now. He loves numbers,and shapes and randomly will name things we see while we are out. (IE. numbers on the speed limit signs, gas prices..hahaha...and shapes of signs or other things.) He is up to at least 100 words now. Most of his language is labeling, there is not much functional language yet but I am sure that is coming. I am amazed with his progress.

He is not just taking baby steps forward; but great leaps. :)

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Rachel said...

I'm so happy he is making progress for you Amy. You are a great mother and I am inspired by you <3