Thursday, March 17, 2011

Numbers! & Shapes! Oh my!

The other night Caleb was in the bathtub and picked up his foam 3 and said "three" so the next morning when his OT was here I was telling her about it and she decided to use his magnad00dle and write numbers... he recognized and verbally said #'s 2-9! He is now saying almost all of the numbers. I cannot believe this! The amount of knowledge this lil boy has had stored away all of this time, is amazing me.

He is starting to point shapes out in the environment. We had lunch at Garfield's on Tuesday and he kept looking at the floor and saying "ref"(which is what he always calls squares...not sure why though?) He finds gurkels(circles), ovals, and gagles(triangles) everywhere we go. He now knows all of his shapes except the difficult ones (trapezoid, octagon, parallelogram)

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